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Managing your money accounts, payments and related wallets shouldn't cost you money.

We're working to pass the savings of automated banking on to you, instead of lining the pockets of the banksters.Reducing the costs of world-wide (or in-person) currency exchange is imperative.

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www.iPayInstant.com was launched to help anyone Send & Receive Money Instantly and Affordably.

We help customers get their money where it needs to be securely and privately, and give businesses an option for accepting payments and making payouts in markets where traditional methods may not work.


www.iPayInstant.com provides businesses and individuals with a fast, simple and secure way to move money online.

Trusted by merchants and consumers alike, our financial services span more than 180 countries across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.

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www.iPayInstant.com is operated by iPayInstant.com™. iPayInstant.com provides businesses and individuals with an online alternative to traditional payment methods.

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